Scientific programme

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September 25

08:30-09:30 Registration
09:30-10:00 Welcome

10:00-11:00 Session I: Future space missions and ground-based telescopes

10:00-10:25 Holly Gilbert: Solar Orbiter: Joint Mission to Study the Sun (Invited talk)
10:30-10:55 Manuel Collados: The European Solar Telescope: the future of European ground-based solar physics (Invited talk)

11:00-11:45 Coffee break and poster view

11:45-13:00 Session II: Solar dynamo, activity and magnetic coupling of interior and atmosphere

11:45-12:15 Mausumi Dikpati: Global MHD tachocline instabilities (Invited review)
12:20-12:35 Kirill Kuzanyan: Tilt and Helicity of Solar Active Regions: theoretical mechanism and observational regularities
12:40-12:55 Andrey Tlatov: Formation of a polar magnetic field in a cycle 24

13:00-15:00 Lunch break

15:00-16:00 Session II: Solar dynamo, activity and magnetic coupling of interior and atmosphere

15:00-15:15 Laurent Gizon: Equatorial Rossby waves in the solar interior
15:20-15:35 Eka Gurgenashvil: North-south Asymmetry in Rieger-type Periodicity during Solar Cycles 19-23
15:40-15:55 Teimuraz Zaqarashvili: Magneto-Rossby waves in the solar tachocline

16:00-16:30 Coffee break and poster view

16:30-18:05 Session III: Convection and Helioseismology

16:30-17:00 Mark Miesch: The Convection Conundrum: Mystery and Intrigue Below the Solar Surface (Invited review)
17:05-17:20 Chris Hanson: The state of the art: Inversions for flows in the solar interior
17:25-17:40 Hannah Schunker: Statistical analysis of the evolution of active region tilt angles
17:45-18:00 Sushanta Ttripathy: Magnetoseismic Study of Active Regions

19:30 Welcome reception

September 26

09:15-10:30 Session IV: Photospheric magnetism

09:15-09:45 Sami Solanki: Photospheric Magnetism (Invited review)
09:50-10:05 Nataliia Shchukina: Spectropolarimetric diagnostics of photospheric magnetic fields from the Hanle and Zeeman effects
10:10-10:25 Robertus Erdelyi: MHD waves in asymmetric waveguides

10:30-11:40 Coffee break and poster view

11:40-13:00 Session IV: Photospheric magnetism

11:40-11:55 Arnold Hanslmeier: Tomography of the lower solar atmosphere
12:00-12:15 Peter Leitner: Tracking of photospheric shock waves in computational fluid dynamics data by means of post-processing detection algorithms based on edge detection and shock surface normals computation
12:20-12:35 David Kuridze: Spectropolarimetric inversions of the Ca 8542 and Fe I 6173 Å lines in a M-class solar flare
12:40-12:55 Tamar Chaghiashvili: Photospheric responses during high-energy flares

13:00-15:00 Lunch break

15:00-16:40 Session V: Chromospheric structure and dynamics

15:00-15:30 Jaime De la Cruz Rodriguez: The chromosphere: structure and dynamics (Invited review)
15:35-15:50 Mats Carlsson: Recent developments in modelling of the chromosphere
15:55-16:15 Nabil Freij: QSEBs with co-spatial IRIS Bursts (Invited talk)
16:20-16:35 Sara Esteban Pozuelo: Polarization in penumbral microjets

16:40-17:10 Coffee break and poster view

17:10-18:35 Session V: Chromospheric structure and dynamics

17:10-17:30 Marco Stangalini: Polarized Kink Waves in Magnetic Elements: Evidence for Chromospheric Helical Waves (Invited talk)
17:35-17:50 Kris Murawski: Numerical model of a partially-ionized solar atmosphere
17:55-18:10 Rahul Sharma: Dynamical response of 3D spicular waveguides to the magnetohydrodynamical wave-mode(s)

18:15-18:30 Nana Shatashvili: Magneto-Fluid Coupling in Dynamic Finely Structured Solar Atmosphere – Theory and Simulation

September 27

09:15-10:50 Session VI: Magnetic coupling in the solar atmosphere

09:15-09:45 Bart De Pontieu: Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph views of how the solar atmosphere is energized (Invited review)
09:50-09:10 Abhishek Srivastava: High-frequency Torsional Alfvén Waves as an Energy Source in the Solar Corona (Invited talk)
10:15-10:30 Roberto Soler: Propagation of Torsional Alfven Waves from the Photosphere to the Corona: Reflection, Transmission, and Heating in Expanding Flux Tubes
10:35-10:50 Teimuraz Kvernadze: Detection of the Hanle and Zeeman Effects in Hα and He I D3 of the Solar Spicules using Polarization-holographic Imaging Stokes Polarimeter

10:55-11:25 Coffee break and poster view

11:25-13:00 Session VI: Magnetic coupling in the solar atmosphere

11:25-11:55 Javier Trujillo Bueno: Prospects to Explore the Outer Solar Atmosphere with the Polarization of Ultraviolet Lines (Invited review)
12:00-12:15 Isabell Piantschitsch: Numerical Simulation of Large Scale Amplitude Coronal Waves interacting with Corona Holes
12:20-12:35 Błażej Kuzma: 2-Fluid Numerical Simulations of Solar Spicules
12:40-12:55 Julius Koza: Spectral Inversion of the Hα and Ca II 8542 A Lines Observed by SST/CRISP in Chromospheric Jets

13:00-15:00 Lunch break

15:00-18:30 Excursion

September 28

09:15-10:45 Session VII: Solar corona

09:15-09:45 Therese Kucera: Solar Prominences – Structure and Origins (Invited review)
09:50-10:05 José Luis Ballester: The temporal behaviour of MHD waves in a partially ionized prominence-like plasma: Effect of heating and cooling
10:10-10:25 Aaron Hernandez-Perez: On the generation mechanisms of ribbons in a confined flare
10:30-10:45 Pavel Kotrc: On the Measurement of Spectral Continua Flux in Solar Flares

10:50-11:35 Coffee break and poster view

11:35-13:00 Session VII: Solar corona

11:35-11:55 Konstantinos Karampelas: Heating by transverse waves in 3D simulations of turbulent coronal loops (Invited talk)
12:00-12:15 Charalambos Kanella: Radiative Cooling of Joule Heating Events in MHD Simulations of the Solar Corona
12:20-12:35 Chris Nelson: The role of cancellation in driving small-scale transients and filling coronal loops
12:40-12:55 Leon Ofman: The role of waves and turbulence in the solar wind plasma

13:00-15:00 Lunch break

15:00-18:30 Visit wine cellar

20:00 Conference diner

September 29

09:50-11:05 Session VIII: Solar wind

09:50-10:20 Rui Pinto: The solar wind: challenges for theory, modelling and observations (Invited review)
10:25-10:40 Roberto Bruno: Magnetic Field Background Spectrum, from Fluid to Kinetic Scales, as Observed in the Solar Wind
10:45-11:00 Grigol Gogoberidze: Very high frequency temperature spectrum in the solar wind

11:05-11:35 Coffee break and poster view

11:35-13:00 Session VIII: Solar wind

11:35-11:55 Zoltan Vörös: In situ observations of magnetic reconnection in plasma turbulence (Invited talk)
12:00-12:15 Tina Kahniashvili: Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence and Its Application
12:20-12:35 Bidzina Shergelashvili: The model of solar wind polytropic flow patterns

13:00-15:00 Lunch break

15:00-16:35 Session: IX: Solar flares, CMEs and space weather

15:00-15:30 Francesca Zuccarello: Eruptive phenomena on the Sun (Invited review)
15:35-15:50 Marianna Korsos: Novel flare forecasting in 3D solar active regions
15:55-16:10 Aabha Monga: Fast CME associated with giant prominence eruption
16:15-16:30 Irakli Mghebrishvili: Statistical relation of tornadoes to instability of hosting prominences

16:35-17:05 Coffee break and poster view

17:05-18:10 Session IX: Solar flares, CMEs and space weather

17:05-17:25 David Tsiklauri: Particle-In-Cell, fully kinetic scale modelling of solar radio bursts based on non-gyrotropic and plasma emission mechanisms (Invited talk)
17:30-17:45 Jordi Tuneu: Microwave and sub-mm radiation from energetic ion secondary particles
17:50-18:05 Jaša Calogovic: Drag-Based Ensemble Model (DBEM): probabilistic model for heliospheric propagation of ICMEs

18:10- Final remarks and close